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On here you will find questions & answers about our cattery, Birmans, cats & other critters

Q- Why go on about the colour?

A- All Birmans are born pure white, the colour comes in gradually.

Sometimes it takes awhile to see what the actual colour will be.  I have tried to post pictures of the kittens at different ages to show how the colour keep developing for months even years! 



Q- At what age do you de-worm, de-flea, vaccinate?

A- Our kittens start a worming regimen at 2 weeks every 2 weeks, we use Frontline spray for fleas from 4 weeks, we give first set of vaccines at approx.8 weeks and 2nd vaccination 20 days later.  Generally our kittens go to new homes with their first 2x vaccination.



Q- At what age do kittens go to their new homes?

A Our kittens can start going to their new homes from 10/12 weeks on.




Q- What if I like a kitten and it's not ready to go come home with me but someone else wants it too?

A- Kittens can be put on hold with a $100 non-refundable deposit, the deposit will count towards total purchase price.  Kittens have to be paid in full before going to new home. 



Q- What health conditions are inherent to Birmans?

A- As a breed, Birmans are generally a hardy lot! 

They have no breed specific disease or health conditions that affect them, aside from the normal health issues of all felines.




Q- What's the difference between cat food & dog food?

A- Cats can ONLY process meat protein! 

Dogs are omnivores they can process meat & some plant protein. 


As such cats need a higher meat content in their food as opposed to fillers. 

Feeding a cat a continuous diet of commercial dog food will make it sick. 


Q- Which cat foods are the best?

A- I'm not a "brand" snob, to select a good food I look first to see if in the ingredients list "MEAT" should be in top 3x first ingredients, "MEAT BY-PRODUCTS" should be listed after "MEAT".   There's also some ethical choices that each person makes. I'm not here to preach, just hand out facts as I understand them!  Personally my core group gets fed a mix of a raw diet and some commercial foods.


Q- In the pictures I see a dark spot on pad, is this a fault?

A- No colour on the pad is ok as long as it is the same as the kittens/cats point colour!



Q- *** If it's NATURAL it MUST be good for cats right?***

A- "NO" just because a product is natural does not make it safe!!! 

(whispers: arsenic is organic & natural!!)  

Cats CANNOT shed such things as essential oils, they accumulate them in their liver. 

This is also why cat's flea & tick products use different active ingredients than dogs & livestock!  


Such products can interact in manner with their nervous system that leads to the death of your family pet! 

Products to avoid:





This is NOT  a complete list it's just an example!! 

For a more comprehensive list see:


Q- What dangers exist for Birmans? 

A- 3 real dangers exist

1-Catnapping, these cats are so people friendly your visitors will try and smuggle them in their coats!  

2- They can get injured by other animals as they are so friendly and trusting.

3- doors are their #1 enemy, as they always want to be with "their people" they are usually right at your side when going through doors and they have been incidents.  Always assume that if you are moving they are moving with/next/around you!  The perils of the: people loving sociable creature that is the Birman cat!  


Q&A to be continued...





** OH oh looks like someone left the door open all the critters are on the loose! **

Come back when we've finished rounding them up...