BeauMinou Birmans

Our Little cuties         ** 2011/2012 Kittens **

BeauMinou kittens come with

  • A kitten pack, incl. Royal Canin Pack
  • De-fleaed & de-wormed,
  • FULLY vaccinated, (with their health book),
  • De-sexed 
  • NZCF registration papers.  Soon to be CFA reg.
    (Transfer sent in upon pick-up & payment in full of kitten)
  • free advice & support when possible
  • assistance in re-homing if needed (when life takes one of those unexpected turns!)
  •  -------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------

     Please let us know if you would like to show as some of 

    our quality desexed kittens can be shown in the neutered section & they are the same price as any other desexed kitten.   Bear in mind in my Birmans what makes a show or pet quality is often a little patch of white!



    BeauMinou Pixie Blues - Blue point girl

    (Blu x Fifi)  We are pleased to announce that we are retaining Mogwai as a potential show/breeding prospect.

Litter#2 Blu X Melody
BeauMinou Smokey blue point boy - neutered and ready to go to a new home
BeauMinou Sooty Seal point boy - SOLD to a wonderful home on Waiheke Island
BeauMinou Snowie - chocolate girl on HOLD likely going to be a show/breeding cat in Kuala Lumpur


    ** 2010/2011 kittens all SOLD  **

    Litter #1- Born 10.01.2011

    Sire: Gold Double Grand Champion Tanisha Blu Buccaneer (blue point)          Dam: CH Silverthorne Melody d'Amour (seal point)

     BEAUMINOU MELODIE D'ESPOIR - Birman sealpoint female     -   SOLD

    BEAUMINOU LATTE AU CHOCOLAT, Birman chocolate female  - SOLD 

    BEAUMINOU FLEUR DE LYS, Lilac point female - SOLD

    BEAUMINOU ALURE FIERE, (Iggles) Sealpoint male - retained as show/breeding prospect

    (Photo at 8 weeks)

LITTER #2 - BORN 19-01-2011
BEAUMINOU SWEET EMILIE, lilac point female -  SOLD
 BEAUMINOU PURRDY FIONA,  seapoint female - SOLD
BEAUMINOU LIONESSE DE LILY  -  sealpoint female, retained as show/breeding prospect
 (PHOTO 8 weeks)
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