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        ** Our boys, book closed to outside cats ** 

WHY? Because all our cats live in our house, our studs do not spray,  if we disturb the group dynamic our boys will have to be cloistered away.  At certain times of the year our boys and moggy get their own room and the girls go into their maternity ward, all part of the house but for peace of mind they share our space in rotation or with supervision.


"Champion Adorabella Parisien Louis"  (book closed)

We finished Blu at 2 shows! 

Reserve Grand Champion Long Haired at the 2012 Nationals.

 Sire: CH Adorabella Melozzo, (chocolate) 

Dam: Silverthorne Angel  (blue)  Her sire:  CH Romford Valentino  (Blu at 10 months a BIG boy with a promising ruff)



(photo: Blu at 6 months old)


                                                                                                                  (4 months)


My daughter has nicknamed him Mr.McPurry!  He is currently living with all the cats in our home

He is showing good bone & size, his colour is coming in quite well + has a lovely temperament.  


** Blu is from a winter litter of 8 kittens!!**


 His dam: Silverthorne Angel is by:  CH Romford Valentino probably one of the last of the Romfords still breeding!  We were saddened recently by the news of this magnificent sire passing  R.I.P. Rudi  :(  


I am so pleased to have access to these wonderful proven bloodlines. 


** NEW pictures coming soon, his ruff is in and he looks less kittenish and more studly now!**




 BeauMinou Ripley 


Dam: Champion SILVERTHORNE MELODY D'AMOUR (seal point carrying blue & chocolate)

 This young male is a beauty and has a divine character, a bit of a clown too, who loves his tummy rubs. He is the phenotype we are breeding for and hopefully will stamp his future kittens with all his qualities.

 (photos to follow)



BeauMinou Alure Fiere (seal point)   R.I.P our beautiful Iggles :(


Dam: CH SILVERTHORNE MELODY D'AMOUR (seal point carrying blue & chocolate)

 ** SADLY ** Our "Iggles" got attacked and killed by a roaming tom  cat who managed to get in with Iggles.  The loss took a huge toll on our hearts and to the bloodlines and hopes we put into this match for our future stud cat, the loss is not measurable. **  This ROAMING cat that someone could not be bothered spending a minute amount of money on him to help keep from roaming, catching & spreading diseases, spraying neighbourhood properties and fighting with other animals caused our small family breeding an tremendous amount of grief and a huge financial loss as well as a huge loss on the bloodlines. *******  This poor cat was so trusting, when this strange tom cat entered his pen through a ventilation slot at the top of his pen, he attacked and killed Iggles.  I was in the laundry when I saw Iggles casually jump down and saw him get rammed mid air into the corner cement post breaking his neck. I moved fast but not fast enough and the image is engraved in my mind forever. I am beyond angry at the carelessness of people. Sadly there were only TWO male kittens of this lineage in the whole of New Zealand.  The stud had been retired and neutered. But worse he was the first kitten born of that litter and I was there and held him in his first moments of life, I was there and held him in his last moments.  He was buried along side our venerable 9yo pet rabbit Ruby.   I am leaving this story up in hopes that it will help convince even one person to neuter/spey their pets.

 In memorium - Iggles as he is known, is a fluffy loveable boy who also carries blue & chocolate.  

He will be shown soon and looking forward to seeing what he will produce next year.  The litter he is from was specifically bred in hopes of producing an excellent show/breeding prospect, but also the stud was selected not only for his bloodlines but due to his wonderful temperament!  My small children were able to handle this mature stud who just enjoyed the attention and turned on his motor and never stopped purring.  We were fortunate to have been allowed to breed to him!


 (Iggles at 10 months what a beauty)




 (Photo: 4 months old)


(Photo: Iggles at 4 months old)               


Look for Iggles at the Auckland Cat Show    



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